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Serco officers’ quick-thinking helps to save a life

Published: 11 Apr 2018

Lina Edmunds and Robert Meek, Patient Transport Officers from Fiona Stanley Hospital have been recognised with a global award for coming to the aid of an unconscious woman lying in a car on the side of the road. 

The Serco Global Pulse Pride Award recognises the pair’s life-saving action, going to the aid of an unresponsive driver in August last year. 

Bob and Lina were returning to FSH from a patient transfer job when they saw a car that had stopped on the side of the road and observed the driver appeared to be vomiting. They turned around and went back to the car and by the time they arrived, the driver was unconscious and they could not find a pulse. They pulled her from the car, commenced CPR and simultaneously called an emergency ambulance.

“Bob and Lina’s impressive observation and quick-thinking response to this driver undoubtedly saved her life and this award is thoroughly deserved,” Serco ASPAC CEO Mark Irwin said. “Their instincts to stop and check on the driver, their quick actions in administering CPR and calling the emergency ambulance helped save the woman's life. I’m extremely proud to call them my colleagues, as their actions represent Serco’s values at the highest level.”   

“Initially I thought the driver was being sick,” Lina said. “So we turned around to offer help with an emesis bag and towel but when we saw her lifeless body, Bobby ran back for oxygen, I put her seat right back and started compressions. We were so focused that we didn’t even notice St Johns arrive until we saw the boots and green trousers.”

Lina said that the serious of the situation hit her when she was asked by police to check for identification and found a photograph of the woman and her two sons. 

But after about 10 minutes of CPR from Bob and Lina, and several defibrillations the driver regained her pulse and was transported by ambulance to hospital. 

After emergency surgery and a full recovery the woman sought out Bob and Lina, and with her husband, thanked them for their life-saving efforts. “She told us that she had an enlarged heart, with a 5% survival, away from hospital,” Lena said.

“Bob and I work well together and this occasion, where you hardly have time to speak but know what to do and just get on with it, is a credit to our team and training. We all come from very different backgrounds, careers, lifestyles, but we are like-minded, we help whenever we can, the qualities that cannot be measured on spreadsheets and are really important in patient care.”

Bob and Lina were presented with their awards by Serco Group Chief Executive Rupert Soames at an event marking the company’s Asia-Pacific winners of its Global Pulse Awards. The awards celebrate employees from among Serco’s 50,000 strong team around the world who have done extraordinary things for their colleagues, customers or communities.

Serco ASPAC (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong) employs over 9,000 staff and this year won nine Global Pulse awards.

Image: (L-R) Serco Asia Pacific CEO Mark Irwin with Lina Edmunds, Robert Meek, and Serco Group CEO Rupert Soames.


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