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Response to United Workers Union

Published: 9 Apr 2020

Serco Australia response to United Workers Union claims regarding use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) at hotels housing guests in 14-day isolations due to COVID-19.

The claims are inaccurate and deliberately misleading. There has been no complaint or resignation from any person directly or through our subcontractors.

Serco is absolutely committed to operating a safe environment for all our staff, including subcontractors, at all times as they perform this important work. 

The clear facts are:

  • Serco Australia is contracted to provide logistics and security services to the Department of Health at several hotels in Perth which house people in isolation. Some of these services are sub-contracted.
  • Serco does not provide these services at all hotels which house people in isolation.
  • All activities on sites follow the specific advice of the WA State Health Incident centre and the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is provided by the Department and is stationed in stock levels on each floor of each hotel for use by personnel as required. Additional stock is kept in the security control rooms at each hotel. PPE is replenished daily, or more regularly, depending on usage.
  • All staff are provided with an induction prior to starting work including access to PPE, when it is to be worn and how to don and doff PPE safely. In particular, staff are instructed and required to don PPE prior to any interaction with guests. They are not, and have never been, told not to wear PPE when interacting with guests.
  • We ensure that we are compliant with up-to-date advice prior to each shift and the required PPE is available.  


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