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Australian Maritime Alliance’s LMV-M design granted ‘structural approval in principle’

Published: 6 Jul 2022

The Class Certification Society DNV has granted ‘structural approval in principle’ for the Australian Maritime Alliance’s (AMA) ‘Oboe’ design for the Australian Army’s LAND 8710 Phase 1A Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium (LMV-M) tender.

The ‘Oboe’ is a state-of-the-art amphibious vessel, capable of carrying a diverse range of combat and support vehicles in service with the Australian Army and our Allies.

In addition to a significantly increasing load carrying capacity over the LCM-8 vessels they will replace, the Oboe offers both an extended range, and generous accommodation facilities, to support long endurance independent operations.

The Oboe’s size, load carry capacity and structural integrity will allow the Australian Defence Force to confidently deploy and operate these vessels under all environmental conditions, offering the Australian Army an immediate step-change in operational capability and bringing the inherent design flexibility to meet the challenges of the future.

Civmec’s world-class production facilities in Henderson, Western Australia offer unmatched shipbuilding capacity with their new state-of-the-art ship assembly hall, making it one of the largest fabrication workshops in the country.

Serco Defence Managing Director Clint Thomas AM, CSC, said, together as AMA, Serco and Civmec are partnering with the ‘best of breed’, bringing together a powerhouse of Australian defence capability to ensure the Oboe exceeds Army requirements and operational criteria.

“This design represents the next-generation in amphibious capability for Army, and with a stellar line up of the best Australian Industry has to offer, AMA is set to deliver just that,” Mr Thomas said.

The AMA stand ready to deliver for the Commonwealth, bringing Australian industry skills and expertise to the forefront.




(Images: The Australian Maritime Alliance's 'Oboe' design)

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