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Serco announces renewed support for South Australian Special Olympics team

Published: 1 Jul 2022

Serco is delighted to announce our continued support of South Australia’s Special Olympics team as they prepare to compete in the national games being held in Tasmania in October.

Like the Olympics and Paralympics, Special Olympics believe in the power of sport to create a better world. The Special Olympics focuses on inclusion, celebrating ability and new opportunities for adults and children with intellectual disabilities.

Serco supports communities where we operate and we are proud to continue sponsoring the SA Special Olympics team, as part of our long-standing presence and commitment to the state.

Serco Asia Pacific CEO Peter Welling said:

“The athletes have worked extremely hard to be selected in the team and continue to put in hours of training ahead of the national games. Their passion and dedication is incredible, and we cannot wait to see them on the national stage in October.

“Behind the scenes, hundreds of volunteers are working hard to bring everything together, and Serco employees are contributing in this way too.

“The positive effect that comes from being part of a supportive team has a ripple effect for the whole community. It creates opportunities for athletes, their families and volunteers, and gives people who have disability role models they can relate to and learn from.”

To kick off the new year of support, several of our staff will be attending the first event of this year’s Special Olympics State Team activities on Saturday, 2 July.

The team building and exhibition bowling event at Marion Bowland will feature the SA team of 32 bowlers. We can’t wait to take part – and no doubt learn a thing or two from the Special Olympics team!


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