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Serco partners with City of Melbourne to donate 2000 plants to community gardens

Published: 23 Feb 2023

A vegetable garden display in Melbourne’s CBD that was created by Serco’s Melbourne Parks and Gardens team has been given a second lease on life with the donation of 2000 plants to local community gardens.

After six weeks on show, the vibrant plants that make up the Town Hall display were nearing the end of their public life. Following a decent harvest, the produce and plants were gifted to community gardens across the city to be nurtured for future harvests.

More than 2000 plants were used in the planter boxes including basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, mint, chili, chives, corn, cucumbers, lettuce and snow peas, along with flowers including marigolds, sunflowers and Nasturtium, which has bright flowers and edible leaves.

Our team have worked with the City of Melbourne and Lord Mayor Sally Capp to personally transfer the viable pot stock and produce to Kensington Neighbourhood House, Drill Hall Community Garden, East Melbourne Community Garden Group, Docklands Community Garden, South Bank Sustainability Group, and Carlton North Local Community Group.

Docklands Community Garden held a community day for locals to pick up a free plant, which attracted more than 400 people and led to 40 new volunteers to help with the maintenance of the garden. 

Contract Manager Ben Corfee said the team were thrilled to support the donation drive.

“Sustainability is a big focus for our team - we are always looking for new ways to reduce waste through recycling and upcycling. We have a strong partnership with the City of Melbourne and are committed to supporting local organisations that provide invaluable services and support to people in our community.

“The donation of these plants will not only provide hours of gardening enjoyment and the physical and mental benefits that come from gardening, but fresh herbs and vegetables for people in need for years to come.”