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There’s no one else like Serco

Every year, thousands of Filipino workers migrate to the Middle East seeking employment. For many, the journey ends with finding a job.

Miko Baay didn’t just find a job, he found Serco – and that’s when his adventure really began.

Newly arrived in late 2010, Miko applied for work with Serco as a Dubai Metro Station Agent. Showing high potential during selection, he was offered a Recruitment role instead. “I got promoted before I even got the job!” laughs Miko.

Dubai Metro Train, Train Station and Skyline

The following year, wanting operational experience, he requested a transfer to become a train attendant. “That was a very exciting technical role for me,” says Miko. “Something I never imagined I’d have the chance to do.”

In 2014, he was selected for Serco’s founding operational team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) as a Project Controller for the Saudi Arabian Railway. It was there that he won an award for helping to rescue 270 passengers from a stranded train (on his day off) – one of many proud moments in his Serco career.

Miko was then promoted to Project Manager, in which role he managed a team and worked in various locations, including King Fahd International Airport in Dammam. Today, he is based in Riyadh, supporting Serco’s growth in KSA as an Operations Programme Manager in our KSA Support Office.

Serco’s focus on developing internal talent, asking us what we want, and giving all applicants fair consideration, is outstanding. Serco knows how to get the best out of people by investing and believing in them – that’s always been clear to me.

Miko has navigated our world of opportunities with open eyes and an open mind – always ready to take on new challenges and plunge fearlessly into each new chapter. In his view, opportunities in Serco are made all the more accessible by the company’s emphasis on career mobility.

Miko isn’t just talking about training, though he has gained several professional certifications with Serco, including Prince 2 Project Management, and is currently earning his certification in Operational Excellence.

“Managers here want you to succeed in becoming the best you can be, and they understand the learning curve for each role – they’ll support you through it. You have to deliver, of course, and champion the Serco Values, but once they see your potential they’ll work with you to create opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.”

Potential is seen clearly and without bias in Serco, says Miko, thanks to its inclusive culture, pride in its diversity and a commitment to being a caring employer:

“I’m very proud to work for a company so supportive of all colleague communities. Wherever they operate, Serco doesn’t let prejudices and passports dictate how they see and treat people. They value you for who you are and what you can do. We’re not just cogs in a machine. The feedback from friends now working elsewhere is always the same: There’s no one else like Serco.”

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