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Corporate Responsibility at Serco

We believe that Corporate Responsibility should not be seen as something whose only purpose is to protect from harm. Done well, it builds strength and resilience in a corporation. We are proud of the strength and depth of our approach to Corporate Responsibility; we believe that our focus on it, particularly over recent years, has served the Company and its stakeholders well.

Download PDF: Corporate Responsibility Report 2020

Staying focused on what matters most

We continuously challenge ourselves to make sure we understand and provide appropriately for what matters most regarding our role in society, the impact that we have and the value we create.

Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) are one of a number of initiatives and goals that help inform our thinking and approach. We are proud that many of our operations and ESG initiatives have linkage to UN SDGs.

Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco

To enable clearer focus on impact, progress and performance in our Corporate Responsibility Report, we have created this new online guide, Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco, where we focus on how we manage and govern our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability and our overall approach.

Our progress in 2020

Here we share a summary of our impact, progress and performance in the last year, as well as our future ambitions.

CR in action stories View more stories

Our organisation is alive with engagement, leadership and action. Each component in our CR Framework represents a continuously improving system of people, projects and processes – managed by global teams and fulfilled by our employees. Here we share some examples of how our people have been brought our commitments to life.