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We are transparent on our approach to governance, which is fundamental to managing risk and running our business in a responsible way.

We operate within a comprehensive corporate governance framework and approach. There are clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities. We maintain internal control systems supported by internal compliance and assurance controls as well as risk management processes. We are committed to collecting, storing, protecting and handling data with care and ensuring we protect the confidentiality, accuracy, and availability of information.

Our metrics
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ESG materiality

We strive to understand, monitor, and manage our impact through what we do and how we do it across our evolving ESG landscape. These are our impact priorities.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align our impact measures to relevant UN SDGs, given that our government customers are committed to delivering them. We are clear on how Serco contributes to and has an influence on the UN SDGs.

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ESG governance and oversight

We operate a comprehensive corporate governance framework and approach, with defined responsibilities and accountabilities, and maintain and assure internal control systems.

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Data privacy and information security

We are committed to protecting Serco and data subjects against attacks resulting in loss of service or a data breach (including personal or customer data).

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Managed risks and effective controls

We safeguard interests while supporting strategic and business opportunities through a system of internal controls, risk management and internal audit.

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