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Environment, Social and Governance at Serco

We have been committed to delivering and communicating our position and performance across Environmental, Social and Governance criteria for many years, recognising the relevance to our profitability and sustainability of all that we do in those areas.

Download PDF: Corporate Responsibility Report 2020

As a public company, our job is to create value for shareholders, delivering competitive returns on their capital. They expect us to increase our profits over time; without profits we could not generate or attract investment or deliver services or employ people. However, for those profits to be sustainable and grow over the long-term, the Company needs to operate and behave with the utmost integrity, and in a way that is responsible and consistent with the broader interests of society. This is true of all public companies, but it is particularly important to Serco, as our customers are governments, and governments want their suppliers to behave in a way that is consistent with their public policy objectives. Furthermore, much of the work we do for governments is in sensitive areas such as immigration, justice, defence, health and citizen services. Often our role is on the front line, working on behalf of governments to deliver their policies in the most effective and efficient manner in the interests of both taxpayers and service users.

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Our focus on the issues now often collectively referred to as 'ESG’ predates the widespread use of the phrase in stakeholders’ thinking. Whilst the first mention of ESG  in our Annual Reports may have been in our 2019 report, we have been committed to delivering and communicating our position and performance across these criteria for many years, recognising the relevance to our profitability and sustainability of all that we do in those areas. And we have worked to expand and deepen our reporting whilst strengthening our transparency, not just in our Annual Report, but through an evolving online suite of dedicated resources which includes our full Corporate Responsibility Report. This is the 18th Corporate Responsibility Report we have published – the first was in 2003. Beyond the change in the naming convention of ESG, managing these issues and taking them seriously is something we have been doing for a long time.

Our work delivering public services on behalf of governments means that our agenda emphasises the Social aspects of ESG, as we continuously strive to improve our contribution as a public service provider, employer and participant in industry, infrastructure and the wider economy, wherever we operate. Recognising that Environmental sustainability is a critical factor in the wellbeing of society, we work to manage our environmental impact and support customer environmental objectives. All of this is delivered from a mature foundation of Governance which enables ethical and effective direction, control and assurance of the business, including where we operate, who we serve and how we manage our responsibilities.

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Reporting on our ESG priorities

We seek not only to meet our reporting obligations but to provide assurance that we are properly addressing our ESG responsibilities and communicating our position and performance across ESG criteria.

ESG resources quick reference guide

Browse our various Environmental, Social and Governance reports and resources.

Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco

To enable clearer focus on impact, progress and performance in our Corporate Responsibility Report, we have created this new online guide, Inside Corporate Responsibility at Serco, where we focus on how we manage and govern our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability and our overall approach.

Our progress in 2020

Here we share a summary of our impact, progress and performance in the last year, as well as our future ambitions.

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Our organisation is alive with engagement, leadership and action. Each component in our CR Framework represents a continuously improving system of people, projects and processes – managed by global teams and fulfilled by our employees. Here we share some examples of how our people have been brought our commitments to life.