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Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibilities

We are committed to ensuring we properly address our environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities and communicating our position and performance across ESG criteria.

Our ESG Commitment

Where we operate, what we do and who we serve

We support governments in delivering their public policy commitments, often in very sensitive areas. What we do – including where and how and who we serve – is carefully governed and subjected to a rigorous process of review and qualification which seeks to enable transparent and well-informed decision-making. It also aims to ensure due consideration of salient adverse impact risks, including those from ESG perspectives.

Behaving with integrity and treat people with respect

Across all our regions, we strive to behave with integrity and treat people with respect, within the bounds of expected individual and corporate behaviour, with regard for relevant laws and regulatory requirements, with sensitivity to local cultures and with respect for human rights.

Our Corporate Responsibility Framework

We drive our ESG agenda through our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Framework which is structured around our four core stakeholders: owners, customers, employees and the wider world. This framework defines our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability and helps to guide practice and behaviour whilst facilitating measurement of performance.

Our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability

To identify and prioritise our principal areas of responsibility and sustainability, and ensure they are appropriately embedded in our framework, we use an independent materiality assessment, aligned to external best practice sustainability principles, indices and frameworks.

We also recognise that positive relationships can be drawn between our operations, the action we take to deliver on our ESG commitments and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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We strive to ensure that our reporting is as comprehensive and informative as possible, aligned to the principal interests of our key stakeholder groups, whilst holding ourselves to account for mitigating risks and driving meaningful improvements with transparency.

Our ESG commitments are embedded within our CR framework. Based on this alignment, we have identified those areas within our reports which inform on ESG: