Welcome to Serco's Code of Conduct

Welcome to Serco's Code of Conduct online. Our Code makes clear the standards and behaviours expected of everyone who works for and on behalf of Serco. This has been created to provide universal access of Our Code to them.

Serco should be a business that always does the right thing.

A company that customers can trust to deliver on its promises and protect their interests. And where people who work in the business feel confident, trusted and respected. In other words, a place where we are all proud to work.

How can we make this happen?

The answer is not by fancy words, but by the way we behave each day towards our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers and the wider community. If there is one phrase I'd ask you to remember in your daily life at Serco, it would be, "Do as you would be done by". Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

However, a single phrase is not enough to guide us in all circumstances, so I would like to introduce you to Our Code of Conduct. It exists to help us understand the standards and behaviours that are expected of us when we work at Serco. And I am completely serious about setting the highest standards of behaviour for all of us.

However good our systems and processes, however clever our commercial proposals, these will be useless and worthless if customers and colleagues cannot trust us. There are some who believe that companies are two faced about this. That they say one thing, and do another. Not here, not on my watch.

So please read Our Code of Conduct closely and abide by it. You will have all my support if you do, and none if you do not.

Trust, respect, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and delivering on our promises. These will be the foundations of our Company.

Rupert Soames
Group Chief Executive
Serco Group plc
and proud of it