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Welcome to Serco's Code of Conduct

Welcome to Serco's Code of Conduct online. Our Code makes clear the standards and behaviours expected of everyone who works for and on behalf of Serco. This has been created to provide universal access of Our Code to them.

As you know, you and I are paid to provide public services.  Whether it be in a hospital, in a prison, at an air force base, on a railway, or in our central services groups who support our contracts, we get paid by taxpayers to provide services that are really important to the country and to the people who rely on them.  Often we are supporting people at really difficult times in their lives, be they asylum seekers, prisoners, the unemployed or the sick.

It is therefore absolutely essential that we maintain the highest standards of behaviour in delivering these services.  In our business, values really matter.  They matter because our customers and service-users have to be able to trust that we will deliver our work with care and pride and that we will constantly try and improve what we do.  Which is why you will see on the walls of many Serco offices our four values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride.

Trust means that we deliver on our promises; are open, straightforward and honest; do the right thing; and take personal responsibility for getting things done.

Care means that we take care of each other, and those we serve, and we aim to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Innovation means that we share our knowledge and experience and embrace change, knowing that if we don’t provide innovation and value for money to our customers, our competitors will.

Pride means that we know that the work we do is important, and we take pride in doing it well.

To help bring our values to life in a tangible way, we have written a Code of Conduct, which describes the standards and behaviours we expect of people who work for Serco.  It does not cover all situations, but I hope you will find it useful as a description of the standards you must meet and the types of behaviour we expect to see in our interactions with colleagues, with service users, with suppliers and with the wider community.

So please read our Code of Conduct carefully and abide by it.  You will have all my support if you do, and none if you do not.

Rupert Soames
Group Chief Executive
Serco Group plc
and proud of it