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What happens if you don't follow mycode?

If we break mycode or any other company policy, Serco will take it seriously

mycode is not an employment contract, but as Serco employees we must all follow it. 

  • If we don’t, we undermine our hard work and all the things we value - and the kind of workplace we all want to work in.

  • But as well as this, many parts of our mycode are based on laws and regulations. So, if we don’t obey these, we and the company could face fines, legal penalties or even imprisonment.

  • We could also damage Serco’s reputation, and undermine the trust of our colleagues, customers, service users and the communities we work among.

  • So in addition to obeying the laws of the country we work in, we must always follow mycode, and never knowingly allow or encourage anyone to do anything that breaks it. 

  • If we break mycode or any other company policy, Serco will take it seriously and it may result in disciplinary action, subject to local laws. This could include losing our job.

  • In some circumstances Serco may be required to report a violation to the relevant authorities, which could also lead to legal action, fines or even imprisonment.

  • So, it is important that we all follow mycode. If we think it is being broken, we must report it. 

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Promptly raise any concerns through one of the many channels provided by Serco or Speak Up

Raise a concern Speak Up

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