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Why mycode matters

mycode is there to protect the things we all value

It describes the kind of workplace we want to work in.

One where we’re valued. And safe. And look after each other.
Where we treat one another with care and respect.
Always act with honesty and fairness.
Take care of the things we’ve been trusted with. 
And Speak Up when we see wrongdoing or injustice.

“Doing the right thing in the right way is fundamental to preserving trust and earning the right to serve government.  Please ensure you are familiar with mycode, ask questions if you are not sure what to do, and let’s work together to impact a better future for everyone.”


Mark Irwin

CEO, Serco Group

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Our responsibilities

  • Read, understand and follow mycode. 

  • Understand the risks in your role and how to manage them.

  • Seek advice when things are not clear.

  • Promptly complete any training we need to do.

  • Make sure that any third-party contractors, agents, or consultants we work with know that at Serco we all follow mycode and they follow the same standards. 

  • Promptly raise any concerns through one of the many channels provided by Serco.

  • If we believe mycode is being broken then it is your duty to Speak Up.

What happens if we don’t follow mycode?

  • It is important that we all follow mycode.

  • If we don’t, we undermine our hard work, it could damage Serco’s reputation and have serious consequences for those involved. Find out more.

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We want to hear what you think

Many colleagues have helped to create mycode. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve it, the team would love to hear from you. 

Give feedback

“Working without mycode would be like driving without any road signs, traffic lights or rules.”

“It’s not just a set of rules - mycode is about a place that makes working a great and rewarding experience.”

“It wasn’t until we had a serious incident that I realised how much it matters.”


Watch a short video about why mycode matters

This video has sub-titled versions in the following languages:
عربي, 中文, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español

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My commitment to you

Mark Irwin, Group Chief Executive, outlines his commitment to the values and principles of mycode. 

More about mycode

Find out more about mycode to better understand how it supports us all.

What happens if we don’t follow mycode?

If we break mycode or any other company policy, Serco will take it seriously.