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My commitment to you - Rupert Soames, Group Chief Executive

Why do we have a code of conduct, and what is it for?

One answer you’ll sometimes hear is, ‘To set out rules and procedures’. Yes, our code does set out the rules we all need to stick to. But it is so much more than that.

It is there to ensure we all work in a place where people feel respected, valued and safe. A place where we’re proud to work. A place where doing the right thing, and standing up for what is right, is what we all do. 

Looked at this way, it is about things that matter to every one of us. Which is why the many people involved in creating Serco’s code of conduct have chosen to call it mycode. 

It is there for each of us, and for all of us.

Now, I know there are some people who think companies don’t really mean what their code says, and that all that matters is making money. I am not one of those people. 

Of course, I want Serco to be successful. To win contracts, create new jobs, deliver value to our customers and shareholders – and be the first choice for talented new employees. But this must not be at the expense of our Values of Trust, Care, Innovation and Pride or our integrity.  Success will come from maintaining high standards, and the values and integrity we bring to our work - day in, day out.

If we don’t hold ourselves to high standards and our own values, or we don’t create and support a workplace where we care for each other and take pride in the work we do, we sabotage our ability to be successful. 

That’s not the company I want to lead. And I know it’s not the company any of us want to work for.

That company is described in mycode - and the words we say here, we mean.

Someone once said that the integrity of any organisation is the sum of the personal integrity of everyone who works for it. Or to put it another way, it all comes down to each of us doing what’s right. 

But sometimes that’s not so easy or clear. And that’s what mycode is for.

It belongs to all of us. It’s on our side. It’s there to help us to always do the right thing and guiding us when we’re not sure what we should do. And to protect us and support us when we decide we need to speak up against wrongdoing. 

So never be in doubt - if you support mycode, and the principles and values it sets out, you have my absolute support. 

Because what we say here, we mean. This is who we want to be - as a business, and as colleagues.

Rupert Soames
Group Chief Executive

Serco Group plc
and proud of it

Watch a short video from Rupert Soames introducing mycode

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“What we say here, we mean - this is who we want to be. If you support mycode's principles and values, you have my absolute support.”

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