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Serco and proud

What makes our company special – a company people are really proud to be part of?

It’s the difference we make every day:

  • Delivering essential services 

  • To communities around the world 

  • To all those who rely on us

  • To the societies that depend on us

Without us, so many things just wouldn’t function!

It’s the great people we work with: 

  • Who look after each other

  • Who want to work in a place that’s safe and respectful

  • Who support each other to be their best

  • Who care about what they do

People who become friends.

It’s the culture we all protect:

  • A workplace that’s safe and supportive

  • Where everyone is valued

  • Where we treat each other with respect

  • Where we can speak up and know we’ll be heard and where we can thrive

A place that makes working a great and rewarding experience.

It’s the opportunities it gives us:

  • To be recognised for what we do

  • To learn and grow

  • To develop new skills

  • To expand our careers

To follow our dreams.

It’s the values we all live by:

  • The care we give to our work and each other

  • The trust we build and never betray

  • The innovation we create through our passion to find a better way

  • The pride we have in what we do, how we do it – and who we are

We are Serco and proud!

“I feel what I do really matters. And I know those I work with feel just the same.”

“What I love so much is working with such a great team. We all care about what we do – but we make it fun too!”

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We work hard to earn trust and respect.


We care deeply about the services we provide and the communities we serve, and we look after each other.


We aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do.


We want to be proud of what we do.