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Asking a question or raising a concern

If you feel it, say it

You may feel uneasy, worried or ignored. When this happens, there is help at hand.  

We have experts available to help with employment and contract disputes to health concerns and more serious issues like misconduct or misreporting. They are ready to listen, provide advice and help you with your question or concern.

No issue is ever taken lightly, and your conversation will be treated confidentiality. 

We will direct you to the right expert team, who will in turn help to manage your concern and provide useful information and support to help you deal with it.

It’s easy - start a conversation. 

Talk to your manager as often our concerns are around work patterns, colleagues or processes which are best managed locally. 

But if you are not comfortable or able to, we have other options available. 

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For information and resources, and to find the best person to talk to

Raise a concern

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Speaking up

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Understanding when to say no

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Managing others

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