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Keeping it safe - our information and privacy

We make sure nothing ever gets into the wrong hands

If we’ve been trusted with it – we take care of it

  • We make sure nothing ever gets into the wrong hands.

Keeping it safe

  • Out there on the net anyone may be sharing their or others information.

  • But at Serco - we keep our own and others information safe and secure, especially sensitive information.

  • If we publish information, including on social media, we make sure it is correct and fair.

If it’s confidential or private - that’s the way it stays

  • We don’t leave things lying around for prying eyes or hands.

  • And if we use laptops, tablets, or USB drives, we only use those that are approved.

  • When it comes to personal information - any private stuff about anyone including colleagues, customer service users and business partners, stays private. 

We protect our systems – and always think twice before clicking!

  • There are those that want to harm or disrupt our business, steal our information or even hold us to ransom. We won’t let them.

  • That’s why we’re really careful with all the physical information and digital technology we use - including our phones and emails, logins and passwords. 

  • If we use laptops or other devices, we must only us those that are approved.

  • Human error is the primary cause of data breaches. We don’t click anything that comes in from the outside world until we’ve checked that it is legitimate. 

  • If we make a mistake (we are human after all!) we report it immediately.

  • If we’re not quite sure what to do, we always check. So nothing gets out that shouldn’t.

We are Serco

Watch a short video about keeping our information safe

This video has sub-titled versions in the following languages:
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