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We aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do

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We continuously improve our ways of working, and try new ideas, big and small. We share our knowledge and experience and embrace change, knowing that if we don’t provide innovation and value for money to our customers, our competitors will.

We each bring our Values to life through the ways we behave as colleagues, managers or leaders. This is how we bring INNOVATION to life.

  • We focus on working smarter to achieve more

  • We challenge the way things have always been done. If we can see opportunities for improvement we speak up

  • We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to find opportunities to improve what we do

  • We identify and seek to address the obstacles that get in the way of doing a good job

  • We are open to new ideas and suggestions

  • We actively include colleagues in what we are doing

  • We look for opportunities to learn new skills

  • We share knowledge and experience with others and contribute to an inclusive environment

  • We enthusiastically help others

  • We ask for help when necessary

  • We understand our customer’s requirements, monitor new trends and identify initiatives that could benefit them

  • We promote and drive continuous improvement by asking ‘How could we do this better?’

  • We see mistakes and problems as an opportunity to learn and develop

  • We actively address poor performance concerns quickly

  • We inspire others to say ‘no to average’ by constantly looking for better ways of doing things.

  • We work with customers in tailoring services to meet their expectations

  • We effectively resolve customer problems challenging ourselves and our team to find the best solutions

  • We constructively challenge and develop colleagues by providing open and honest feedback

  • We encourage collaboration within our own team and with other teams 

  • We build support, provide focus and give direction to deliver joint outcomes

  • We look for alternative ways to succeed, keeping up with the latest developments 

  • We effectively manage the transition to introduce new ways of working

  • We implement improvements and seek support to overcome difficulties in doing this

  • We set an example by always challenging existing attitudes, processes and ways of working when we see an opportunity for improvement

  • We listen to and consider the needs of all our customers

  • We focus on longer-term outcomes rather than short-sighted initiatives

  • We make and support decisions based on sound analysis and assessment of risks and benefits

  • We monitor trends and set clear objectives to implement the best approach

  • We ensure all teams across Serco work effectively together to deliver outstanding service to all our customers

  • We build networks, locally, nationally and internationally

  • We lead a culture of frank debate, listening to and acting on good ideas wherever they come from

  • We enable a blameless culture, empowering and supporting our team to initiate improvements

  • We engage others in change by ensuring complex information is communicated in a clear and effective manner

  • When we stick to outdated methods that have become ineffective

  • When we concentrate on narrow operational objectives and not the bigger picture

  • When we focus on the problems and not the solutions

  • When we over-complicate our approach to work; create bureaucracy and cause frustration to colleagues and customers

  • When we dismiss alternative ideas

  • When we discourage colleagues from suggesting new ways of doing things

  • When we don’t ask others for opinions or ideas

  • When we undermine or damage colleagues’ self-esteem

  • When we are unwilling or inflexible to change 

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We work hard to earn trust and respect.


We care deeply about the services we provide and the communities we serve, and we look after each other.


We want to be proud of what we do.

Serco and proud

What makes our company special – a company people are really proud to be part of?