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Looking after each other

We show care and respect - always, to everyone

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We always treat each other, those we work with, the communities we work in, and the environment we all share with care and respect.

Bullying? Discrimination? Abuse? Sexual harassment? Gender based abuse or violence? - no way not here

  • We all want to be treated equally and to be included.

  • We don’t stand by and watch people being treated unfairly - exclusion, bullying, sexually harrassed, discrimination, gender based abuse or violence. 

  • We don’t let anyone be abused.

  • And we keep a watchful eye against child labour, modern slavery, and human trafficking.

If we suspect or see any of that, we don't wait...

We Speak Up

We watch out for each other

  • We all want and deserve to feel safe and thrive at work.

  • If we’re worried about someone, or we know they’re struggling – maybe with pressure at work or their mental health - we don’t stay silent. 

Because we care and want to help...

We Speak Up

We keep each other safe

  • So we know the safety arrangements - and keep to them. 

  • If someone doesn’t, if we see something that isn’t safe, or we’re doing something that doesn’t feel safe - we don’t hesitate.

We stop work and...

We Speak Up

We are Serco

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Staying safe, keeping well

Our vision is Zero Harm - no one harmed by the work we do

Respecting our differences

Creating a workplace where everyone matters.

Respecting human rights and preventing modern slavery

We respect and protect everyone’s rights and dignity.

Fair treatment

We treat each other fairly and provide equal opportunities.

No bullying, harassment or violence

We never bully, intimidate or act violently.

Coming to work free from substance abuse

We always come to work in a fit state to do our job.

Hiring government officials and competitor employees

We never use someone else’s confidential information to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Looking after our environment and climate

We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies.