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Environment, Social and Governance at Serco

Our work delivering public services on behalf of governments means that our agenda emphasises the social aspects of ESG, as we continuously strive to improve our contribution as a public service provider, employer and participant in industry, infrastructure and the wider economy. Recognising that environmental sustainability is a critical factor in the wellbeing of society, we work to manage our environmental impact and support customer environmental objectives. All of this is delivered from a mature foundation of governance which enables ethical and effective direction, risk management, control and assurance of the business, including where we operate, who we serve and how we manage our responsibilities.

Managing these issues and taking them seriously is something we have been doing for a long time in our efforts to be the best-managed business in our sector.

We have been committed to delivering and communicating our position and performance across ESG criteria for many years. We are always working to expand and deepen our disclosure whilst strengthening our transparency, not just in our Annual Report, but through our evolving online resources which includes our full ESG report. Our 2021 ESG report is the 19th report on corporate responsibility and ESG that we have published – the first was in 2003.

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Our purpose is to be a trusted partner of governments, delivering superb public services that transform outcomes and make a positive difference for our fellow citizens. We focus our ESG commitments and agenda to support the delivery of this, ensuring we address the ESG issues that are material to us and important to our stakeholders. This is a journey, but one we have been travelling for many years.

Rupert Soames, Chief Executive Officer