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We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies and supporting the net zero carbon ambitions of our clients and wider society. Environmental

Alongside our customers and other stakeholders, we recognise that environmental sustainability is a critical factor in the wellbeing of society, we are therefore committed to doing what we can to address the environmental and climate emergencies and support the net zero ambitions of our clients and wider society.  We support and contribute to customer objectives, helping them meet climate and environmental challenges by reducing our emissions and decarbonising our services in line with global climate science and net zero ambitions.  We also deliver sustainable procurement improvements and implement operational efficiencies to avoid and minimise resource use, supporting the transition to a circular economy. We strive to ensure our operations prevent pollution and protect, value and enhance biodiversity and the natural world which sustains us. 

Our impact and opportunity to make a positive difference from an environmental perspective varies in each market and is dependent on the nature of services we deliver and the level of operational and financial control we hold at any given contract.

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of UK company cars are now electric or hybrid
green ambassador network initiatives completed since 2019
Net zero across 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 2050

Our ambitions:


  • Net Zero scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2050.

  • Increase collaboration and deliver resource efficiency initiatives with our value chain to avoid and reduce resource use, increase reuse, recycling and recovery, avoid landfill and contribute to a more circular economy.  

  • Deliver services and initiatives which address wider environmental emergencies such as air pollution, water pollution, biodiversity, and habitat loss.  

  • We generate benefits to Serco, society and the economy, and minimise environmental impact through sustainable procurement.

RSV Nuyina scientific research platform in the ocean

Supporting customer environmental objectives

Across more than two thirds of our business, we work on our customers’ premises and are not in direct control of environmental impacts. In such cases, we work collaboratively with our customers, supporting them in applying their own environmental management systems and objectives.

Our progress and next steps