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Our global networks

Learn more about our global networks and the work we do to support our diverse workforce.

SercoInspire – Providing a voice to successful and inspirational colleagues in Serco across all gender identities, particularly women. This is a platform for our next generation of female talent to develop and grow. ​

The Serco Inspire network was the first network established in 2015 and is sponsored by Anthony Kirby (Serco COO) .  The overarching ambition of our network is to work hand-in-hand with male colleagues to ensure that Serco’s female talent feel valued, confident and able to progress their careers within the company without limitation. We aim to use the combined energy of the group to make a tangible difference to how gender equality is viewed in the workplace and how this can drive change that benefits us all.​

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SercoUnlimited - Removing barriers and changing perceptions about disabilities and health conditions both visible and non-visible.​

SercoUnlimited was formed in 2017, is sponsored by Phil Malem (Middle East CEO). The purpose of the network is to remove barriers and change perceptions about physical and mental disability at work. The scope is broad and inclusive – we recognise that not all disabilities are visible and each persons’ needs are different.​

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[email protected] – Proving a safe space for LGBT+ colleagues to feel a sense of community and to ensure they have a voice within Serco​.

[email protected] LGBT+ was formed in late 2017 and is sponsored globally by Peter Welling (ASPAC CEO). The purpose of the network is firstly to provide a safe space for LGBT+ employees to feel a sense of community and to ensure they have a voice within Serco. Secondly the network is committed to ensuring it leads Serco on a journey of improvement, by focusing on best practice approaches, redesigning policy and procedure and forwarding representation of positive role models across all levels of Serco’s business.​

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Serco Embrace – Multicultural network supporting Serco to become an inclusive employer for all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. ​

The Serco Embrace network was formed in 2017 and is sponsored globally by Mark Irwin (UKE CEO). The SercoEmbrace network was set up to promote inclusion with respect to race, religion, ethnicity and culture across Serco. The network is both about giving a voice to people of diverse ethnic and multi-cultural background, and at the same time inspire the next generation of Serco talent to progress their career further.​

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SercoVets – our Veteran and Reservists network supporting both current and past colleagues who have served in the military.

SercoVets began in the North America's Division in 2020 and is sponsored by Tom Watson (NA CEO).  Serco is dedicated to providing a workplaces that enables veterans, reservists and military spouses the opportunity thrive in their careers. SercoVets offers an array of initiatives, transition support, professional development, mentorship and connection through mentoring. ​

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