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Competition and anti-trust

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It’s important for everyone – businesses and consumers – that there’s fair competition so no company has an unequal advantage over another, and cannot abuse its position to control prices, or win business unfairly.

So, to make sure there’s fair competition, most countries have competition or antitrust laws that regulate the activities of companies in the marketplace. They specifically prohibit:

  • any anticompetitive agreements and/or arrangements.

  • the sharing of commercially sensitive information between competitors (unless it’s been legally approved and appropriate measures put in place). 

  • abuses of dominant market positions.

  • certain restrictions imposed on or agreed with distributors and other customers. 

Our suppliers should inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and complying with competition and antitrust laws.

What we expect from you 

We expect you to:

  • ensure that when you are bidding, developing your proposals, or undertaking contract negotiations for Serco and our customers that all statements, communications, and representations are accurate and truthful. 

  • only use business information that has been obtained legitimately and can be used lawfully.

  • not share with us information you receive from or about our competitors or their bids, or the bids you are making to our competitors.

  • never commit to an agreement that fixes prices, controls supplies, allocates markets or boycotts customers or suppliers.

  • never exchange commercially sensitive information with third parties on topics such as prices, production capacities or output, sales volumes, costs, profits and profit margins, customers, suppliers, markets, territories, tenders, or bids without proper agreements in place.

  • never do anything that might be considered ‘bid rigging’ (for example, submitting a ‘sham’ bid or declining to bid in return for gain or advantage elsewhere).

  • never use influence to intimidate anyone or coerce anyone into anti-competitive behaviour.

  • not use any position of influence gained through a contract to unfairly disadvantage any other supplier or reduce the potential for future competition, for example by creating a technical solution that locks in the supplier’s own goods or services.

  • report anti-competitive behaviour if you see it or suspect it.

What you can expect from us

We are committed to:

  • never trying to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

  • free and open competition in our markets. We compete fairly and ethically, and support laws that promote and protect competition. 

  • never suggest or imply that our suppliers or customers must buy products or services from us.

  • ensuring meetings with competitors have a legitimate purpose and are properly minuted.

  • ensuring the decisions we make about pricing, customers, bids and markets are taken by us alone.

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