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Not sure what to do?

One day you may see or suspect something that you think breaks the law or our Code. If you do, you must Speak Up.

By speaking up when something is wrong you can help make it right. But if you don’t say anything, the situation may get worse and increase the impact it could have on you, your colleagues and Serco. When someone Speaks Up, they’re speaking up for all of us.

We absolutely prohibit retaliation towards anyone who reports a violation of our Code or helps with an investigation.

When raised we treat each concern confidentially, you will be listened to, and we will not allow anyone to act against someone who speaks up in good faith.

We have in place processes and procedures to enable colleagues to speak up. We expect you to have in place similar procedures to allow your employees and those you work with to report serious concerns and to investigate, take action and ensure no retaliation.

Where you believe anyone has violated our Code then you need to tell us.  You can do this through our Speak Up process.  Full details are available at

Or you can report online by going to:

You may also email [email protected].

Your relationship with us will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.

If you are aware of any violations of this Code you must report it.

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