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Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest run counter to the fair treatment we expect. They can also break the law and seriously damage our integrity and reputation.

Whenever you think there may be a conflict of interest, personal or organisational, you should raise it at once.

Personal conflict of interest
… arises when your private interests interfere, or could appear to interfere, with the best interests of Serco. Your own business judgement may be improperly influenced as a result of the conflict, or because you or someone you know may benefit at Serco’s expense or another employee.
Organisational conflicts of interest
…can arise when a company could end up with an unfair competitive advantage in the market. If we don't identify and resolve them, they can do enormous harm. One example is when we employ or work with someone who has access to proprietary information or who might be able to influence Government decisions that could benefit us. 

What we expect from you 

We expect you to:

  • avoid any interaction with any Serco employee that may conflict or appear to conflict with that employee acting in the best interests of Serco. By way of example, suppliers should not employ or otherwise make payments to any Serco employee during any transaction between the supplier and Serco (other than pursuant to the company contract). 

  • disclose if one of your employees is a family relation to any Serco employee or if you have any other relationship with a Serco employee that might represent a conflict of interest.

  • always declare anything that you think could be an actual or perceived conflict of interest. This might include outside commitments such as other appointments, employments, consulting, speaking engagements or directorships; financial interests, or endeavours for profit of self or immediate family; or other family or community interests.

  • make us aware of any organisational conflicts of interest that could prohibit Serco from pursuing future work with the same client.

If you’re not sure, always check.

What you can expect from us 

We are committed to:

  • declaring any actual or potential conflict of interest we may have.

  • never accepting any incentives that could give us any reason to act against the best interests of Serco or do anything that might mean Serco has an unfair advantage.

  • always making business decisions on behalf of Serco rather than our own personal interests or the interests of others.

  • reporting and recording any potential or actual organisational conflict of interest that may give Serco an unfair competitive advantage or give rise to possible bribery as soon as we become aware of it, and follow any plans put in place to manage it.

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