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Supply chain risk assessment

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We all face risks in business every day.

It is important that we understand these risks and manage them to safeguard stakeholder interests, both internal and external, Company assets and reputation whilst supporting informed risk taking that promotes business growth and success.

We consider the risks in our supply chain and complete appropriate due diligence on all suppliers and third parties to understand and make informed decisions regarding their suitability. Supplier due diligence therefore forms part of our procurement supplier onboarding process.

Our approach to risk management is designed to drive value across our organisation. The objectives of our risk management approach are to:

  • create a robust control environment that reduces negative impacts to our business performance.

  • provide early visibility and increased understanding of material risks up, down and across the organisation, and early warning of increases in threat/exposure.

  • support informed, proportionate and managed risk-taking that promotes business growth and success while recognising the risks associated with key decisions.

  • improve customer service, maximise opportunities and reduce business loss from overruns and cost from risks that materialise.

What we expect from you 

We expect you to:

  • conduct appropriate due diligence on your supply chains. 

  • not pass down unreasonable levels of risk to your subcontractors who cannot reasonably be expected to manage or carry these risks.

  • create and promote opportunities to use diverse suppliers, such as small and medium-sized enterprises and voluntary, community and social enterprises, minority-owned organisations and/or indigenous suppliers who are qualified to provide goods or services.

  • have appropriate business continuity and crisis management plans in place to ensure continued supply of goods and services.

  • provide us when requested with the information we need to manage our supply chain risks. 

What you can expect from us 

We are committed to:

  • identifying, managing, and mitigating our exposure to risks through robust procedures and controls throughout our supply chain.

  • not passing down inappropriate or unreasonable risk to you.

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