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Trade sanctions and export controls

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Most countries in which Serco operates impose restrictions on the movement of information, products and services across borders.

It is important to know and comply with these laws and rules relevant to the countries where we work, including those relating to trade sanctions, export controls and boycotts. When supplying us with goods and services we expect you to do the same.

Where legitimate restrictions apply on trade and exports/imports and all legitimate sanctions and boycotts we will comply with them.

What we expect from you 

We expect you to:

  • understand and comply with all applicable export laws and regulations, trade sanctions and import obligations.

  • obtain, retain, and communicate correct customs and export control classification on all goods and software moved internationally. For physical movements of goods and software, valuation and origin information are also required. 

  • check the applicable trade rules and always apply them when arranging any cross-border transactions, including financial transactions, technology transfers, transactions that are free of charge, returns, or hand-carried goods. 

We encourage you to:

  • ensure third parties you deal with have been through due diligence and screened against sanctions lists.

What you can expect from us 

We are committed to:

  • complying with recognised and lawful trade sanctions and export control regulations. 

  • ensuring third parties we deal with have been through due diligence and properly screened against sanctions lists.

  • checking how the export of “dual use” or “controlled goods” is licensed and whether these apply to Serco, as while they are normally used for civilian purposes, they can also have military applications.

  • Not dealing in a sanctioned country or with a sanctioned party unless we have been specifically authorised in accordance with our procedures.

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