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Respecting our differences

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Our diversity of people gives us wider insight to find new ways of meeting the needs of those we serve. 

We see people for their unique perspectives, performance, and potential. And we know diverse teams that reflect the communities they work in deliver better services to those communities. That’s why at Serco we set out to develop a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace where we feel we belong and are valued. 

We respect the traditions, cultures, and laws of the countries in which we operate and seek to employ local people on our projects wherever possible. Serco recognises that small firms, voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and ethnic-minority businesses are important members of our supply chain. They contribute to local economies and to social cohesion. 

We look to our suppliers to hold similar views and expect you to join us in these commitments when we work together.

What we expect from you

We expect you to:

  • develop, maintain, and implement people policy and procedures that are fit for purpose, meet legal and regulatory requirements, and encourage a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace that reflects the communities in which you operate.

  • be fair and reasonable in your payment practices.

  • understand and respect the culture, customs, and traditions of the countries within which you and your supply chain work.

We encourage you to:

  • actively stimulate diverse and local suppliers within your own supply chain. 

  • measure and report your workforce diversity.

  • have a policy and/or strategy and plan for developing your workforce to better reflect the communities in which you operate.

What you can expect from us 

We are committed to:

  • understanding the different values, beliefs, and opinions of others as well as the culture, customs, and traditions of the countries we work in.

  • maximising our business with diverse and local suppliers including small to medium enterprises, voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, and businesses owned by people from diverse communities and groups.

  • making ourselves as easy as possible to do business with, through measures including:

    • prompt payment practices

    • simplified onboarding and contracting processes

    • access to free training resources

    • support in meeting these standards

    • early engagement and partnership working on specific opportunities.

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