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New Serco CEOs start work

Published: 5 Apr 2013

Serco Group plc’s AMEAA division, which covers Australasia, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, has a new Chief Executive Officer. David Campbell, who played a key role in the international service company’s growth as CEO for its Asia Pacific territory, started work in his new role this week. His successor, Serco Asia Pacific’s new CEO, Mark Irwin, has also taken up his position and reports to Mr Campbell.

David Campbell has been with Serco since 1994 and served as CEO for its Asia Pacific territory (part of the AMEAA division) for the last six years. As CEO for AMEAA, Mr Campbell said he looks forward to increasing Serco’s contribution across the region and continuing to deliver high quality services in line with the company’s values.

“We will continue to grow and to develop the work that we do in the AMEAA region by enhancing the services we deliver to our current customers, and by bringing our unique offering to new and emerging markets.

“After nearly twenty years with Serco, I’m in no doubt that our greatest asset is our people. I see my colleagues living our governing principles every day: fostering an entrepreneurial culture, enabling each other to excel, delivering our promises, building trust and respect.

“Those principles will underpin our approach as we further enhance our ability to provide complex services, build increased capabilities and meet the wide range of demands for our skills.

“I’m particularly pleased to be taking this challenge on in Serco plc’s 25th anniversary year, which we’re celebrating around the world through the Serco Foundation’s “Every Child, Everywhere” campaign, supporting children’s charities from a local to a global level.”

Mark Irwin replaces Mr Campbell in the role of CEO, Serco Asia Pacific. He joined Serco at the beginning of the year, having previously been COO for the National Bluestar Company based in China.

“David’s leadership has seen Serco achieve considerable success in Asia Pacific and maintain a tangible sense of our responsibilities as we provide essential services to our customers. We will build on that success and continue to deliver value, innovation and growth.

“When I joined Serco, I was struck by the breadth and depth of the organisation’s capability. Even more impressive is that across international markets and diverse sectors, our people have a commonly held commitment to providing high quality services and making a real difference.”