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Healthcare Supporting the delivery of better healthcare and improving patient outcomes

From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient flow, Serco partners with some of the world’s leading healthcare providers and private medical facilities in the region to transform outcomes and make a positive difference for patients, families and staff.

Serco is committed to delivering world-class healthcare services, with the company having a proven track record of providing quality health support services at major hospitals in the Middle East, a region it has been operating in for over 70 years.

Care Co-ordination and Patient Flow

We diagnose, configure, deploy and operate services to organise health provision around the patient. Serco reduce length of stay, patient throughput and increase bed utilisation in partnership with our healthcare clients. We seek to integrate care pathways to improve health system performance across primary, secondary extended and social care, improving patient, staff and management experience.

Patient Experience

We integrate our teams into a healthcare organisation to understand and enhance patient experience. Our user experience design organisation, ExperienceLab, conduct in-depth research to provide robust improvement plans and change programmes.

The Serco Cares programme highlights the direct correlation between patient morale and recovery times as well as the importance that non-clinical staff have on the overall wellbeing of patients during their stay in a hospital. Using this research, Serco designed a range of initiatives to empower our staff to go the extra mile for patients, leading to improved recovery times, better patient wellbeing and ultimately supporting our healthcare clients to provide a high-quality service. 

Asset and Facilities Management

From maintaining critical medical equipment to operating and managing patient contact centres and hospital facilities, such as catering, cleaning, portering services, and infection prevention and control, we deliver a better patient experience at better value. We were proud to be chosen to provide these services for the Dubai Field Hospital, set up to manage the COVID19 patient overflow.

Clinical Support

We offer a full range of clinical support services that directly impact patient care, including managed equipment services, sterilisation support, audiovisual services for telemedicine, clinical integration, and infection prevention and management.

Corporate Services

We have the knowledge and experience to create better non-clinical and back-office services, systems, processes and outcomes that complement the delivery of front-line health services, such as procurement, fleet management and communications.

Services Overview

- Corporate Services                                   - Clinical Support

- Care Coordination                                    - Patient Experience Advisory

- Asset & Facilities Management               - Primary, Extended and Social Care

- Medical Equipment Management          - Corporate Support Services

- Facilities Management                             - Asset & Facilities Management   

- Patient Flow                                                - Biomedical Engineering

- Laboratory/Pathology Services               - Managed Equipment Services

- Care Coordination                                     - Patient Experience

Interesting facts

We have operated in the Middle East since 1947, starting with air traffic control, but have since expanded to deliver award-winning services to leading healthcare providers.

We provide market-leading asset management to numerous premium hospitals across the region, employing a workforce of over 2,000 people.

We have delivered services to 1,250 patient beds in the region and over 10,000 globally.

Global best practice underpins our service design (HTM, HBN, BICSc, NHS guidelines 2007, LEED, JCI, NFPA, BSI PAS 2014, ISO).

We assist customers in achieving accreditations and licensing (JCI, HAAD and LEED certification).

We are proud to have won the internationally recognised Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Award.

What we do

Fire and Rescue Services

We improve citizen and resident safety through fire and rescue consultancy, training and operations

Asset Management

Our end to end integrated solution can transform the operations and maintenance of your assets to deliver higher levels of performance.

Facilities Management

We maintain and operate businesses, malls and residential communities across the Middle East

Workforce Management

We ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time and with the right skillset to deliver optimised service excellence to our clients and their customers.


We understand the importance of the government visions of the countries in which we work and we are dedicated to developing nationals into future leaders.

Customer Experience

We help organisations to design, transform and deliver experiences that make their customers happy

Case Study

Middle East Perspectives