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From the operational management of hospitals to the optimisation of patient experience, we are committed to supporting the delivery of better healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Delivering better healthcare and improving patient outcomes

Serco delivers vital healthcare support services around the world – from the design and implementation of optimum patient experiences to the operational management of non-clinical services in hospitals. Our experience reaches across acute, community, primary and private healthcare settings. 

Our passion for care is enriched by our drive and capacity to innovate, and our unrivalled international expertise which delivers service quality, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs.

Through operational excellence and continuous improvement, we maintain a safe environment that allows clinicians to focus on the treatment and delivery of excellent clinical outcomes for their patients. 

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Healthcare in the Middle East

Serco is trusted to manage vital healthcare services in the Middle East. We are able to bring to bear our regional and global experience within healthcare, as well as draw on our broader cross-sector expertise in facilities management, service design, effective cleaning regimes, asset availability and utilisation, and digital automation.

We are the only outsourced facilities management provider to have mobilised a mega-hospital project in the GCC region. These projects are complex, with challenging multi-stakeholder environments. We excel at assisting all parties in foreseeing challenges before they arise, mitigating risk and developing pragmatic solutions. 

We are also the only facilities management provider in the region with experience in the delivery of clinical services, which provides Serco with a unique insight into health provider needs and the impact facilities management and support services have on patient satisfaction.

Our contracts include delivering facility management services to Cleveland Clinic and Healthpoint Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, as well as a range of private medical facilities in Saudi Arabia.


  • We have operated in the Middle East since 1947, starting with air traffic control, but have since expanded to deliver award-winning services to leading healthcare providers.
  • We currently provide facilities management to 10 hospitals in the region, employing a workforce of over 2,000 people.
  • We deliver services to 1,250 patient beds in the region and over 10,000 globally.
  • Global best practice underpins/guides our service design (HTM, HBN, BICSc, NHS guidelines 2007, LEED, JCI, NFPA, BSI PAS 2014, ISO).
  • We assist customers in achieving accreditations and licensing (JCI, HAAD and LEED certification).
  • We are proud to have won the internationally recognised Cleveland Clinic Caregiver Award.
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The value we bring...

Transferable Global Experience

Serco is trusted to manage vital healthcare services around the world. Building on over 20 years of experience in healthcare, we now provide award-winning services in hospitals across the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and in the Middle East. We have an international Centre of Excellence for Health that is dedicated to maximising the benefits of this. In addition to our international reach in health, we are also able to draw on Serco’s broader cross-sector expertise in facilities management, service design, effective cleaning regimes, case management, and digital technology/automation.

Public Service Ethos

Many of our people have joined us from the public sector and a public service ethos runs through our organisation. We manage our staff and select new staff to reinforce the values to which we aspire. We invest in training to help them live those values day-to-day. In healthcare, that means safe and compassionate care are primary drivers. All of our people are trained, motivated and empowered to make a positive difference beyond meeting the basic requirements of the contract. We work closely with the communities we serve and employ local staff and use local suppliers to source food and produce.

Expert and Empowered People

Our driving passion is to improve the care and experience of patients and, where we can have an impact, their health outcomes. Our proven cleaning regimes reduce infection rates, our catering teams support healthy eating and flexible meal provision, and where appropriate we enhance care and engage with patients while attending to our core tasks.

Ability to Test and Innovate

We invest in innovative solutions, drawn from insight across all continents. We work with technology partners to extend our capability, for example, we have pioneered the use of robotics in Scotland and Australia. We scan for evidence of best practice and the best science. We invest in lean principles to drive out waste and embed quality.

Patient-centred, Outcome Focussed

We embrace a patient-centred approach and co-design our services with patients, support teams, nurses, and other health professionals to ensure that what we do contributes to a better patient experience and better health outcomes. We have our own special unit, Experience Labs, to support our service design and can also design information management systems that deliver holistic reporting across the whole patient journey, from booking admissions to aftercare.

Trusted Partnership

Our customers value trusting, collaborative partnerships as a platform for the most creative and beneficial outcomes. We encourage this by being fully transparent within our contracts and providing real-time performance data. Operationally, we value partnership with voluntary and community organisations who can often contribute specialist knowledge and expertise to enhance the patient experience.  

Scalable and Customised Solutions

Our expertise in complex project management, people management, finance, commissioning, build, and operation means we can set-up entirely new healthcare related services from scratch. We understand that every customer has different and changing needs so have developed an extensive range of options to meet these requirements, from the outset and throughout the life of the contract.

Service Integration

Our ability to integrate services and align with clinical care processes has multiple benefits including a better patient experience, better support for patient care, more productive clinical activity, improved infection control, and a more cost-effective solution for our customer.

Governance and Risk Management

Our high ambition for service quality is matched by our disciplined approach to execution, performance, and governance. In healthcare, we understand our services are part of a potentially life-critical service for patients, which requires transparency of performance, systems, and processes, as well as a workforce that understands the complexity of patient care. All of this is underpinned by our strong, evidence-based processes of clinical and operational governance.  

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