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Serco Institute – Middle East

The Serco Institute is an international think tank – established by Serco – working to help governments develop the next generation of public service solutions for citizens.

Throughout the Middle East we work collaboratively with government, the private sector, academia, and with citizens to develop the future of public service policy, design and implementation.

Transformation, digitisation & happiness: Public opinion on government services in Saudi Arabia

This first-of-its-kind research finds that whilst people are largely happy with the current quality of government services in Saudi Arabia, they want them to be quicker, simpler and more transparent.

Press Release: New research finds KSA citizens & residents overwhelmingly happy with government services

Serco Institute’s first Middle East report finds KSA public service users are happy, but want access to be quicker, simpler and more transparent.

Launch of the Serco Institute in the Middle East

The Serco Institute launches in the Middle East, with its first report focused on government services in Saudi Arabia.
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Who are we?

We are a team of strategic thinkers with international experience across policy, innovation and public service delivery.

Governments worldwide are facing increasing costs, demands, deficit challenges, and expectations from citizens who are in return often experiencing underwhelming user experience and inadequate public service outcomes.

In light of this, we seek to improve the efficiency of the services governments deliver; make current and future public service solutions more citizen-centric and outcome-focussed; and engage with some of the biggest societal and economic trends affecting what governments will need to deliver to their citizens in the years to come.

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Work with us

We work independently and with others to create and curate innovative thinking and solutions that enable governments to improve public services.

Working collaboratively and through partnerships with government, the private sector, academia, the voluntary sector, and with citizens we develop thinking and co-create innovation that drives citizen-centred, outcome-focused, cost-effective public service solutions.

If you would like to work with us then please do get in touch via info@sercoinstitute.com