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Serco Middle East Podcasts

Our podcasts range in topics relevant to the region and are hosted by different key individuals at Serco Middle East and guests from the wider Serco divisions.

Episode 1 - Enhancing Case Management within Citizen Services

In this episode, Edward Gallagher, Managing Director of Integrated Services for Serco Middle East and Francis Moody, VP of Case Management Business Unit for Serco North America discuss innovations in case management within citizen services and look at how the Middle East could provide best in class citizen services experiences in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Episode 2 - Championing Local Talent (Arabic Episode)

The 2nd episode of the Serco podcast series features an interview with HR Director, Hana Abu Kharmeh and Project-based Marketing Director, Adel Farooq. In this episode we aim to deep dive into the current market situation, specifically for young talent. What are the changes we should expect to see? What can organisations do to support local talent? What is Serco doing to prepare the younger generation to step into leadership roles?

Misconceptions: Women in the Workplace

Listen to Serco Middle East Growth Operations and Enablement Director Samantha Rowles on Dubai Eye 103.8's Afternoons with Helen Farmer show as she and Helen discuss the issues and misconceptions surrounding women in the workplace. 

Episode 3 - UAE Tourist Experience in a Post-COVID-19 World

Director of ExperienceLab Middle East Kristine Pitts discusses the effect COVID-19 has had on tourism in the UAE with Business Transformation Director Laura Kelly. Listen to understand the future effects and trends we should expect to see, as well as how can the UAE prepare for tourists coming in to the country. 

Episode 4 - The New Normal In Saudi Arabia

In the 4th episode of the Serco podcast series, Phil Malem, the CEO of Serco Middle East and Khalid Al-Ammar, Standards & Procedures Director at Mashroat look at what the new normal in Saudi Arabia looks like, Serco’s footprint in the Kingdom, the opportunities in a post COVID-19 world and how will Vision 2030 be realised. 

Episode 5 - Digitising Healthcare To Transform Patient Care

In this episode, Andrew Wells, Client Director of Healthcare, Serco Middle East and Andrew Prince, Director at Serco Global Healthcare Centre of Excellence discuss the importance of digitising healthcare and how it can benefit health organisations and patients alike whilst saving time and costs for both. 

Why outsourcing can aid air transport recovery

Managing Director of Transport at Serco Middle East Peter Mohring explains why it has never been timelier for the air transport sector to embrace outsourcing to help with post pandemic recovery.

How To Ensure Citizen Happiness (Arabic Episode)

الحلقة السادسة من سلسلة بودكاست سيركو تضم منى الثقفي, المدير الاقليمي لشركة سيركو في المملكة العربية السعودية, و المهندس باسم الجديع, المدير التنفيذي لمركز الابتكار الحكومي ببرنامج التعاملات الإلكترونية الحكومية(يسر) ، ليناقشوا ما يريده المواطنون عندما يتعلق الأمر بالخدمات الحكومية.