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Serco Middle East Podcasts

Our podcasts range in topics relevant to the region and are hosted by different key individuals at Serco Middle East and guests from the wider Serco divisions.

Episode 1 - Enhancing Case Management within Citizen Services

In this episode, Edward Gallagher, Managing Director of Integrated Services for Serco Middle East and Francis Moody, VP of Case Management Business Unit for Serco North America discuss innovations in case management within citizen services and look at how the Middle East could provide best in class citizen services experiences in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Episode 2 - Championing Local Talent (Arabic Episode)

The 2nd episode of the Serco podcast series features an interview with HR Director, Hana Abu Kharmeh and Project-based Marketing Director, Adel Farooq. In this episode we aim to deep dive into the current market situation, specifically for young talent. What are the changes we should expect to see? What can organisations do to support local talent? What is Serco doing to prepare the younger generation to step into leadership roles?