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Trusted to deliver critical support and operate sensitive facilities by military organisations around the world, we have deep expertise in delivering economical and high quality defence services.

Supporting armed forces to support the nation

Serco provides critical support services to defence forces around the world, operating both in-country and embedded within deployed forces. We have breadth and depth of expertise across all military environments, including space, maritime, land, and air. Serco is trusted to deliver a range of critical defence support services and operate sensitive military facilities in the Middle East.

We are the single prime contractor delivering fully integrated logistics and base support services to the Australian Defence Force across the Middle East, we are proud to provide the UK Armed Forces with real life support services to their troops in the United Arab Emirates and we provide Airfield Communications to the Bahrain Defence Force.

Through our UK-based and Cabinet Office endorsed Emergency Planning College we train defence and security personnel across the Middle East in contingency planning, business continuity planning, and other key skills either in the UK or in country. 

We currently operate in three defence areas:

Base Support / Integrated Support to Operations

Serco’s base support services keep airfields operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our operations in the United Arab Emirates are a perfect example where around 20 different services are supplied to keep operations running smoothly. 

We provide a large range of airfield services such as internal and external cleaning, apron services, passenger, and cargo handling. Non-air-side operations are just as important to the smooth running of a busy airfield, with services including cleaning, catering, and accommodation management for the hundreds of people moving through the airfield.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is increasingly complex due to growing customer requirements, but providers are being challenged by cost pressures, reducing customer spend, improvement in asset availability, and increased statutory and regulatory requirements. 

Through our services, we help our customers across the GCC to reduce operating costs, improve asset availability and utilisation, manage asset lifecycle, improve safety, and enhance troop morale.

Training, Resilience & Personnel Readiness

Serco provides globally respected academic, operational, and resilience training provision. We enhance and upskill leaders and managers to achieve improved results in mission-critical and other operational areas. Working in cooperation with the military, Cabinet Office, and selected universities, we provide masters and degree level educational and training capabilities via blended synthetic and classroom facilities. Our overall aim is to help develop and retain skilled and motivated leaders, technical specialists, and business continuity/emergency planning experts.

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