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Nationalisation We are committed to nurturing and developing national talent to become leaders of the future

Nationalisation is a core part of what we do in the Middle East. We provide our national talent with a suite of development programmes, supporting their career development at all stages, whether they are still in university or in a leadership position; we continuously coach, mentor and transfer knowledge.

In 2022 and beyond we are aiming for a minimum of 10% of our roles to be filled by nationals and are proud to have already achieved over 8% across the region in 2021, despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. Development is key and this year we conducted 236 UAE national talent reviews to identify how to further develop the talent within our business.


Real-life experience is invaluable. Through processes such as Serco’s internship programme, students are exposed to working in different areas of our business over a six-week period, thus broadening their experience to the vast number of opportunities that are available in the private sector. We work closely with universities and schools to give national students the right foundation to begin their careers. Through Serco, students are given a hands-on learning experience in a multi-cultural and multi-national environment.

Flexible Work Programmes

Our Muwazana Programme provides flexible part time working solutions for national talent, supporting educational and family commitments.

Graduate Programme

Serco’s bespoke nationalisation and graduate programmes provide a framework for the continued training and development of nationals and offers a rotational programme, whereby graduates gain experience in functional, support and contract-based roles so they can find where they excel the most.

Our Award-Winning Nationalisation Efforts

Serco has been recognised by the government of the UAE, and honoured to be recognised by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. We continue to work closely with the governments in the countries we operate in, to realise our vision of becoming the employer of choice for national talent.

Client Offerings

Our expertise in developing national talent has proven to be an asset for our clients in the region. We can help organisations across various industries upskill their current national workforce using our bespoke knowledge transfer and targeted development programmes.

Serco has an approved Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and City & Guilds Centre, which provides not only our colleagues, but also our clients, with the National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) and ILM qualifications. These are internationally recognised qualifications based on The United Kingdom’s National Occupational Standards. ILM specialises in leadership and management, coaching and mentoring, but also a range of sector and skill-specific qualifications.  An ILM qualification is one of the most recognised leadership and management qualifications. Training and upskilling is key and our colleagues have been awarded 457 NVQs and 46 ILM qualifications.

Train, Transform, Transfer

Our Train, Transform and Transfer approach ensures workforce sustainability across the region by ensuring that nationals are equipped with international best practice and up-to-date skills in their area of work. We help clients by training their national employees, transforming their ways of working and transferring our knowledge to them. Our work with EXPRO is a testament to that.

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