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Workforce Management We ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time and with the right skillset to deliver optimised service excellence to our clients and their customers.

Utilising the latest in workforce management practices and our bespoke workforce management tool we optimise the required number of  personnel in our operational solutions, ensuring that the right person is in the right place  at the right time and with the right skillset.

For our clients, this means that we can provide a cost optimal solution without impacting the level of service quality we are able to deliver on  their behalf.

Our solution

- Accurately forecasts workload demand
- Ensures appropriate resourcing to meet service delivery requirements
- Creates efficient and effective workforce models to meet specific skill requirements
- Manages performance in real-time to meet service levels
- Delivers a consistent and dependable level of service to deliver contract performance
- Provides powerful business analytics and reporting insights to support continuous improvement

Key outputs

- Schedules that are compliant with EAs, awards and rostering/scheduling requirements
- Delivery of WFM functions in a customer service environment that support staff engagement and retention
- Optimised schedules for service delivery
- Effective engagement and communication with geographically dispersed workforces.

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