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Justice and Immigration

Serco is committed to safeguarding society and have ambitions to support the delivery of core justice and immigration services in partnership with ministries and law enforcement bodies in the Middle East.

Safety and happiness are at the core of the regional government visions for the future and Serco can provide comprehensive support to deliver this through a range of services including prison services, electronic tagging, secure logistics and re-integration of offenders. Internationally, we support the wellbeing of prisoners and deliver an approach that supports an efficient and effective rehabilitation into society. Through providing services that enhance, control and optimise the processing of lawbreakers, we deliver enhanced safety to local citizens and improve prisoner flow.

The Middle East sees vast amounts of visitors for both leisure and business and as such requires a robust approach to immigration control. Serco’s capabilities extend across border protection, immigration secure detention, prisoner escort and case management which, when combined, enhance the security of the nations within which we work.

Southern Queensland Correctional Centre Prison Officer


Serco’s ability to support government judicial systems is enhanced by our wider competences across technology and innovation, facilities management and complex case management.

Serco’s global Centre of Excellence for justice bolsters our capability, enabling us to remain at the forefront of leading-edge technology and initiatives to support regional justice systems.

UAE passport at immigration


Serco supports international governments to operate detailed visa processes supported by border control forces that ensure an optimal approach to immigration.

We have global capability and experience in the delivery of comprehensive immigration services and enable a streamlined yet rigid approach to border control and immigration.  

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