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Government Services We are committed to delivering better government services for citizens and residents

Serco specialises in government partnerships. Through highly secure and regulated best practice and standards, we deliver optimisations that improve citizen happiness through enhancing the quality of government services. We drive operational and cost efficiency on key services through process improvement, innovation and transforming citizen experience.

Where we work

Complex case management

Providing them with the right information the first time whether that is through a DIY automated online service, or through a customer experience representative. We want them to feel satisfied with the service and to feel like the experience has been personalised to them.

To do this we:

- Train and transform clerical workers into empowered knowledge specialists.

- We implement operational efficiency and optimisation to save costs through less full-time staff and more efficient processes

- We offer nationalisation solutions for up-skilling & re-skilling nationals, whose jobs might be affected due to automation leaving no one behind

- Predictive & Continuous  Improvement is key and our solutions are driven by insights from both citizens and government departments through our global think tank Serco Institute

Digital Transformation and Data Management

Through digital transformation and data management we improve response times, ensure more efficient communication with users, provide higher quality experiences and implement 24/7 availability, all whilst reducing operational costs.

To do this we:

- Optimise manpower

- Introduce omni-channel integration

- Extract and analyse data to inform decision making and improve customer satisfaction ratings

- Use trend analysis to identify issues, new revenue opportunities and optimisation opportunities

- Bring cloud computing, cyber defence, emerging technology and enterprise applications

Contact Centre Operations

We bring international standards of training and best practice to create an enhanced and holistic contact centre customer experience. whilst improving back-end efficiency and lowering operational costs.

To do this we:

- Optimise manpower using workforce management

- Introduce technology and data management

- Redesign end to end systems and operations

- Upskill national workforces

- Unify contact centres and systems

Employment, Skills, Training and Enterprise Support

We aim to help diversify the knowledge economy by upskilling GCC nationals, empowering women and enhancing the talent pool for the long-term prosperity of the Middle East.

To do this we:

- Have dedicated English language programmes

- Prioritise recruitment of local talent

- Use our train, transform, transfer model 

- Have a number of programmes and initiatives to retract and retain local talent

For more on our nationalisation programmes see here

Customer journey mapping and service design

Experience and user satisfaction is key and we have a whole business dedicated to this – ExperienceLab. We help organisations use the unique understanding of data and insights to design, evolve and adapt services to cater to their end-users and deliver world-class experiences.

To do this we:

- Understand pain points through insights and evidence gathered from real people

- Engage service users and those delivering the service to ensure the final product is viable, feasible and desirable.

- Iterate;prototyping, experimenting and testing our ideas

- Put users first, and undertake journey mapping and design accordingly.

Fire and Rescue Services

We improve citizen and resident safety through fire and rescue consultancy, training and operations

Asset Management

Our end to end integrated solution can transform the operations and maintenance of your assets to deliver higher levels of performance.

Facilities Management

We maintain and operate businesses, malls and residential communities across the Middle East

Workforce Management

We ensure the right people are in the right place, at the right time and with the right skillset to deliver optimised service excellence to our clients and their customers.


We understand the importance of the government visions of the countries in which we work and we are dedicated to developing nationals into future leaders.

Customer Experience

We help organisations to design, transform and deliver experiences that make their customers happy

Case Studies

Middle East Perspectives