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Serco Middle East invests in Hult Ashridge skills development programme

Published: 29 Apr 2021

Serco Middle East invests in employees by partnering with globally renowned business school Hult Ashridge to deliver the Serco Accelerator Programme, a development initiative for high potential employees across the business.

Unlike many other businesses during 2020 and into 2021, Serco Middle East put employee wellbeing and progression at the forefront of the businesses’ decision-making process. It launched its inaugural graduate programme, continued with numerous development programmes for nationals across the UAE and KSA and established plans for the Serco Accelerator Programme.  In the latest Serco Middle East Podcast, HR Director Hana Kharmeh and Hult Ashridge Professor of Practice Rory Hendrikz discuss why investment in training and development is important even when budgets are tight.

HR Director Hana Kharmeh said: “Employees want a sense of purpose, personal growth, professional growth and development. Spending time in an organisation that enables this is now a clear expectation, especially with the millennials, who want to do everything quickly - and want to grow quickly.”

The programme allows high-performing employees to gain essential internal and external knowledge required to progress to more senior roles which will help strengthen the businesses’ succession pipeline. A total of 66 individuals across the Middle East region have been identified through talent reviews and succession planning processes. These key individuals will take part in Hult Ashridge courses throughout the year that enable innovation and new ways of working based on modern industry best practice and current circumstances; “Leading in Uncertainty” is the first course.

On the need to continually upskill,Professor of Practice Rory Hendrikz said: “Today, as we sit in what's called the fourth industrial revolution, our skills are a bit like fresh food, they have become perishable, they expire fairly quickly. Skills have a shelf life.”

Courses for the Serco Accelerator Programme will run until December 2021 with 12 modules.