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Serco continues International Fire Training Centre commitment through 10-year operational contract

Published: 24 Nov 2022

Serco is continuing its commitment to the fire and rescue services industry through a new 10-year operational contract of the International Fire Training Centre (IFTC) in the UK’s Teesside International Airport. The IFTC is a world-renowned organisation that provides critical training to fire and rescue personnel across the globe to over 10,000 firefighters each year.

In recognition of the rapid growth of the fire and rescue industry in the Middle East, Serco launched a regional branch of the IFTC in 2021 which enables it to provide industry-standard training to firefighters throughout the region more efficiently and at a lower cost. Working closely with regional international airports, Serco’s IFTC trainers can provide the same standard of training as at that state-of-the-art facilities based in the UK. Serco is working toward establishing the regional IFTC as the primary option for aspiring and experienced firefighters as the fire and rescue industry further grows and matures throughout the region.

Phil Malem, CEO, Serco Middle East says, “Serco provides key services to citizens in the countries that we work, with a clear aim to improve citizen happiness and to keep people safe. The services we provide through the IFTC – both in the UK and in the Middle East – form a critical component of this commitment. This new 10-year contract serves to strengthen our dedication to the industry, enabling us to truly plan and support the growth of such a key service for many years to come.”