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Government Expenditure & Projects Efficiency Authority (EXPRO)

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

July 2019 - July 2022

Serco was appointed in 2019 to provide management consultancy services in partnership with the Mashroat programme in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Serco’s technical team in Mashroat is contracted to deliver various phases of Kingdom-wide asset and facilities management transformation programme. Initially, creating alignment for the asset and facilities management ecosystem to follow, Serco developed a new assets and facilities management national standard. This culminated in the production of the national manual for assets and facilities management, the criteria for a national asset register and unified standards for a multi-sector computerised maintenance management system, with an implementation plan for the rollout.

Following the alignment, the next phase is to enable the Kingdom’s public entities. Maturity assessments identified organisational capability gaps which then helped us create informed target operating models comprised of transformation initiatives. These were agreed with the ministries and entities to enable the change required. The outputs established baselines and the information supported a view of the level of support each entity needed from Mashroat.

The Mashroat programme intends to monitor and report on the transformation progress made by entities in the Kingdom. Serco built detailed entity transformation programmes to transfer ownership to the entities, having used pilot sites to demonstrate feasibility and success. Improvement initiatives, quick wins and major transformations will all filter back into Mashroat where reports on progress, maturity assessment scoring improvements and efficiencies will be monitored. 

Serco and its team of experts has developed over 170 new procedures in the initial 8 months of the programme. Our dedicated team of 33 subject matter experts is supported by a further 65 from our global centres of excellence based throughout our international offices. A total of 70,000 man hours has been committed to this project, with the new standards consisting of over 17 volumes.


“At Mashroat, we have the opportunity to work with our strategic partner Serco on a very complex and critical scope of work to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is centred around transforming the infrastructure asset and facility management sector to be world-class, adopting best practices and standardising the processes and procedures. During this journey, Serco has exemplified great values such as teamwork, commitment toward excellence and sense of ownership.” 

Khalid Al-Ammar, 
Standards & Procedures Director, Mashroat


About the project

The Mashroat organisation is a government programme to help deliver efficient and effective construction project management and asset and facilities management services across the public sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.