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Dubai Field Hospital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

April 2020 - July 2020

Serco Middle East mobilised specially trained personnel to support with essential services on the ground at Dubai Field Hospital at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Standing in solitude with the United Arab Emirates in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Serco Middle East has provided a full range of support services to the innovative Dubai Field Hospital where COVID-19 patients were treated. 

Working in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Serco deployed over 80 experienced  healthcare staff who provided a full range of non-clinical operations. The delivery of these critical services provided a robust and comprehensive wrap-around to the clinical care, and thus enabled the Dubai Field Hospital to operate efficiently and aid effective quarantine, treatment and protection for those affected. 

Serco’s expert teams were fully trained, briefed and prepared for the facility and mobilised swiftly and safetly. The team brought with them global best-practices for working in infectious environments from around the Serco group directly into operation on the ground. Serco provided a phased increase of additional personnel and equipment in alignment to the occupancy and requirements of the field hospital.

Serco’s solution was flexible to the changes in patient numbers within the facility. Beginning with just 18 staff, we dynamically ramped-up our service in alignment to the additional number of patients, optimising cost for our client whilst maintiaining service quality, a key benefit of the outsourcing model.

On a global level, Serco is assisting national governments and health providers with their responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Staff are providing frontline support for clinical staff for hospitals and on the ground in test centres. Serco is continually coaching and training its own staff to manage any personal impact of the situation, as well as effectively operating around patients who are likely to be experiencing a range of negative  emotions in combination to their COVID-19 symptoms.

“We supported the UAE’s fight against COVID-19 by mobilising our professional and dedicated Dubai Field Hospital teams quickly and efficiently. Our role here was one of true collaboration to enhance the patient experience and curb the spread of infection. Aside from mobilising frontline specialists, we also leveraged our internal subject matter experts through our healthcare specific service lines to provide knowledge and insight to assist in the management of the facility, and enabled DHA and their healthcare personnel to focus on what is most important – providing critical care services to those that needed it.”

Phil Malem, CEO, Serco Middle East


About the project

To support the fight against COVID-19, Dubai World Trade Centre was converted into a state-of-the-art, fully functional medical facility capable of supporting up to 3,300 coronavirus patients.

The initiative by the Dubai Health Authority was rapidly deployed early in the onset of the coronavirus impact on the UAE. It was responsible for saving countless lives whilst also reducing the spread of infection through internationally recognised care and quarantine standards.