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Space Enabled Environmental Services

Through technology-enabled, knowledge-driven insights, Serco can work with you to address your critical environmental needs, providing better decision making to impact a better future.

Our geospatial data management and data access solutions facilitate, foster, and expand the exploitation of Earth observation satellite data and geospatial information, enabling stakeholders tto build and operate environmental applications in the cloud.
Our development, integration, and operation of these innovative AI-driven applications provides data-driven insights and analytics to fight climate change at a building, development, project, city or giga city level whether our clients are proactively putting measures in place during the planning stage, or retrospectively looking to minimize their environmental impact from existing assets.
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Serco’s Urban Twin Solution

Serco collaborated with leading technology partners to develop our Urban Twin Solution. Validated, trialled, and proven within the market, through this tool Serco can provide a holistic monitoring service, providing a complete environmental overview of our clients' project. The data output is bespoke in line with client requirements and the analytics and insights are tailored depending on environmental objectives.

How do you... Address climate change through a holistic solution? Ask Serco.

Urban Twin Capabilities


As an end-to-end transformation partner, through our advisory business and Climatize, as an additional service layer, we can use that data and insights to chart a course towards sustainable urban development. Harnessing the wealth of information extracted from the urban twin, our sustainability experts embark on meticulous analysis, uncovering trends and patterns essential for informed decision-making.

With this knowledge in hand, we are empowered to formulate holistic strategies that address the complex interplay between urbanisation, resource management, and environmental impact. From optimising energy consumption through renewable integration to redesigning urban landscapes for enhanced resilience, our integrated approach transcends conventional boundaries, fostering a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable future.

With Climatize augmenting our advisory capabilities, we not only identify opportunities for innovation but also provide actionable solutions that drive tangible, positive change in communities worldwide.

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Amar Vora - Head of Space