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ExperienceLab: Hala Taxi

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Many residents of Dubai rely heavily on Taxis to get around the city. The team at Hala Taxis approached ExperienceLab to help them test their assumption that, the behavior of Hala Taxi customers is impacted by the current pricing of the service. 

ExperienceLab engaged with Halas customers through deep dive remote research interviews that focused on understanding how much their customers know about the current pricing and their thoughts on a variety of proposed future concepts. ExperienceLab were also able to identify Hala customers motivations, core needs and what drives their decisions when booking a taxi.

“We challenged the Experience Lab team to examine key motivations for our user base,
exploring perceptions of some of the key areas of our service.

The team were able to not just extract interesting verbatims from
the excellently moderated interviews, but then build actionable analysis which has
been incredibly valuable in our customer engagement initiatives.”


Tom Sword, Head of Brand, Hala