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Political activities and payments toolbox


Our policies, standards and other resources

We have more in-depth Group policies, standards and guidance covering different aspects of confidential information. You can find links to them here.

In addition, there may be specific policies and procedures that apply where you work. Your manager can tell you about these. If you are unsure then always ask your manager.

(Please note: some of our resources are only available to Serco employees. In this case, you’ll need to log in to MySerco to access them. If you have problems accessing them, please request a copy from your manager.)

SMS-PS-BC Business Conduct and Ethics
One page statement defining Serco’s commitment to operating with integrity and respecting human rights.

SMS-GS-BC2 Business Conduct and Ethics
Sets out the expected standards for individual and corporate behaviour in our business.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Supplement
Provides a summary of our overall approach in managing bribery and corruption risk.


A lobbyist is an individual or an organisation who is employed to communicate with any public official to try to influence legislative or administrative action.

In some countries special laws and procedures govern the way lobbyists and consultants must behave. It’s important to know these and make sure we and anyone lobbying on our behalf always follow them.

Serco does not contribute to any political party, politician, or candidate for public office, or try to raise funds for them.

There is one exception: where we have a legitimate voluntary Political Action Committee (PAC) or similar voluntary contribution scheme which campaigns for particular political policies and gives money to candidates or parties that support those policies. 

Where we have a legitimate voluntary PAC, employees are free contribute donations. However, PACs and similar voluntary schemes are only allowed in some countries, and they can only operate under very strict conditions. These are the most important ones:

  • Even though the scheme is in the Company’s name, it must be run independently.

  • No Company monies will be contributed to the PAC, so that it is just handling colleague personal donations.

  • And the Company must not have any influence on its management.

If the PAC is properly formed and governed, the Divisional CEO can then authorise it, and permit appropriate political contributions to be made, so long as these are strictly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

If you're a manager

  • Ensure due diligence is carried out and log any engagement with an elected politician, their adviser, or another government official who is covered by local lobbying laws and who is not a direct customer.

  • Ensure information provided to governments and regulatory bodies on behalf of Serco is accurate and complete.

  • Only attend an event hosted by a political party for briefing or other legitimate business purposes and ensure it will not compromise Serco’s impartiality.

  • Do not approve or make any political donations on behalf of Serco or use Serco money or resources to support political activities.

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Bribery and corruption

We never take or offer any kind of bribe.

Gifts and hospitality

We always check before giving or receiving any gift or hospitality.

Conflicts of interest

We always declare any potential conflict of interest. If we’re not sure, we ask.

Working with communities

We support and respect the communities we work among.

Competition and antitrust

We always compete fairly and openly.

Working with others

We deal fairly and honestly with suppliers, strategic partners and agents, and expect the same of them.

Trade sanctions and export controls

We take care to know and follow the rules.

Accurate records, reporting and accounting

We always maintain accurate records, reports and accounts.

Tax evasion

We never do it, or help anyone else to.

Money laundering

We will not take part in any money laundering activity, and do all we can to stop it.

Insider trading

Never use inside information for insider trading – it’s a serious crime.