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Our policies, procedures and other resources

Group policies are available on our website and can be viewed here.

These policies and supporting procedures form the Serco Management System (SMS). The SMS sets out for each policy area requirements by role so you can understand what is expected of you. It also provides supporting procedures and related documents. 

Access to these documents is for Serco colleagues only and you will need to log into myserco to access them. If you have problems accessing them, please request a copy from your manager.

You can access the following here:

  • Group Policy Statement

    • Business Conduct & Ethics

  • Function manual

    • Third Party Due Diligence

  • Function policy

    • Reputation, Brand and Communications

  • Procedure 

    • Organisational Conflict of Interest

    • Personal Conflict of Interest

  • Guidance

    • Customer Due Diligence Questionnaire

    • How to review and approve a conflict of interest (People manager)

    • Managing personal conflicts of interest

    • Submit a Conflict of Interest form on behalf of a colleague (Manager)

Also review the following here:

  • Group Policy Statement

    • Procurement

  • Function policy

    • Procurement

    • Supplier Contract Creation and Management

  • Function guidance

    • Guided Supplier Management Guides and Templates

  • Function manual

    • Sourcing

You can also view our Supplier Code of Conduct.



The term ‘Agent’ covers all these things:

  • Any commercial agent or intermediary, sales representative, sponsor, consultant or other entity or individual retained by Serco to help us in obtaining or promoting business (including bidding) regardless of how that Agent is compensated. For example, this could be a fixed fee, a “success fee,” commission, a mark-up, a daily rate, expense reimbursement, or some other arrangement.

  • Any entity or individual we engage to perform advocacy or interact with Public Officials on our behalf. Examples include a lobbyist; obtaining license or permits or visas; or assisting with the resolution of a dispute, claim or debt involving a government entity.

  • Any other entity or individual who will be paid a “success fee” by Serco for services that are likely to require contact with Public Officials on our behalf.

  • A third party that is granted exclusive or special distribution rights over Serco’s products or services.

A legal entity or individual that shares profits from a joint venture, consortium, partnership, teaming arrangement, strategic alliance, or any similar business relationship with us, or has an equity interest in an entity owned by us.

Any individual not employed by Serco, or any legal entity not owned even in part by Serco that is then engaged by us to provide services, goods or work. What they do may involve interactions with Public Officials on our behalf.

If you're a manager

  • Be familiar with key procurement policies, compliance screening, due diligence and onboarding requirements to ensure that we engage only third-parties who will comply with applicable laws and policies, and who share our commitment to ethical business practices.

  • Allow time and ensure the appropriate due diligence is completed for strategic partners, agents and suppliers, and seek guidance from subject matter experts such as your Divisional Ethics & Compliance Lead, your Enterprise Risk Management Lead, your Cyber and Data Protection Lead and/or your Health & Safety Lead as appropriate.

  • Ensure that where we can use our standard terms and conditions, these are applied in writing to contracts including those with our suppliers, partners and agents for which you are responsible. This typically includes the requirement that our suppliers, partners and agents act consistently with Serco’s Supplier Code of conduct.

  • When a business relationship is approved, monitor the relationship on a regular basis to determine compliant performance and communicate promptly with Procurement on any changes required to the purchase contract. Further guidance on managing the supplier relationship can be found here: Managing suppliers effectively.

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Bribery and corruption

We never take or offer any kind of bribe.

Gifts and hospitality

We always check before giving or receiving any gift or hospitality.

Conflicts of interest

We always declare any potential conflict of interest. If we’re not sure, we ask.

Working with communities

We support and respect the communities we work among.

Political activities and payments

We keep our relationships with government honest.

Competition and antitrust

We always compete fairly and openly.

Trade sanctions and export controls

We take care to know and follow the rules.

Accurate records, reporting and accounting

We always maintain accurate records, reports and accounts.

Tax evasion

We never do it, or help anyone else to.

Money laundering

We will not take part in any money laundering activity, and do all we can to stop it.

Insider trading

Never use inside information for insider trading – it’s a serious crime.