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External communication toolbox


Our policies, standards and other resources

We have more in-depth Group policies, standards and guidance covering different aspects of external communications. You can find links to them here.

In addition, there may be specific policies and procedures that apply where you work. Your manager can tell you about these. If you are unsure then always ask your manager.

(Please note: some of our resources are only available to Serco employees. In this case, you’ll need to log in to MySerco to access them. If you have problems accessing them, please request a copy from your manager.)

Reputation, Brand and Communications
Describes the principles and requirements that must be met to ensure that strategies and processes are implemented to protect and enhance our reputation and ensure effective communications in the event of crises.

Understand what is expected of you here.

Group Procedure – Charitable Donations, Sponsorships, and other Contributions
Details procedures for reviewing, approving, and managing charitable donations, sponsorships, and related activities.

Guide - Entering Donations Sponsorship and Political Activity Information on Assure
Provides guidance on how to enter and search for Charitable Donations and Sponsorships using the incident reporting system ‘Assure’ available through MySerco.

Group Procedure – Raising a Concern
Provides guidance on how to raise a concern.

Group Procedure – Incident and Fraud Reporting and Management
Provides a framework for the reporting of incidents.


A disclaimer is a formal statement making it clear that you are not legally responsible for something, such as the information you publish.

When a company is listed on an exchange it must follow regulation requirements and disclose certain information about itself. Disclosing this information is designed to prevent fraud and the ability to manipulate the market or prices.

If you're a manager

  • Ensure all rules about communication are followed properly.

  • Only communicate to the public or the media when you have the approval of Serco.

  • All communications made to external audiences on behalf of Serco must be cleared by Media Relations team

  • During a potential or actual crisis, follow guidelines as set out in our Crisis Communications Manual. 

  • Ensure sponsorship is managed and approved. 

  • Ensure all web and marketing communications are kept up to date.

Raise a concern

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What happens if we don’t follow mycode?

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Speak Up

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Confidential information

We never let it fall into the wrong hands.

Personal information

We protect it carefully. 

Using our systems and keeping our information safe

Keeping the bad guys from getting in and our information from getting out.

Social media

We think twice before we post or tweet.