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Fair treatment toolbox


Our policies, standards and other resources

We have more in-depth Group policies and standards covering different aspects of fair treatment. You can find links to them here.

In addition, there may be specific policies and procedures that apply where you work. Your manager can tell you about these. If you are unsure then ask your manager.

(Please note: some of our resources are only available to Serco employees. In this case, you’ll need to log in to MySerco to access them. If you have problems accessing them, please request a copy from your manager.) 

One page statement defining Serco’s commitment to managing the lifecycle and wellbeing of colleagues.

Understand what is expected of you here.

Group Procedure – Recruitment
Details recruitment procedures and practices to ensure we attract the best candidates.

Group Procedure – Raising a Concern
Provides guidance on how to raise a concern.


Discrimination means treating a person or particular group of people unfairly or disadvantageously – unless there are laws that require or justify different treatment - because of their: 

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Colour

  • National or ethnic origin

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender identity, expression, or reassignment

  • Religion

  • Political belief

  • Trade union activity

  • Marital status

  • Pregnancy

  • Caring responsibilities

  • Disability

  • Age

  • Citizenship

  • Any other personal characteristics

If you're a manager

  • When you make employment decisions, such as hiring, performance, promotion, training, development, discipline, compensation, and termination, we base them solely on objective factors such as merit potential and business considerations. 

  • Be aware of local legislation that may impact employment decisions. 

  • Value talent and recognise individual performance and reward it competitively.

  • Train your team to develop their capabilities. Have open and constructive performance, development, career and wellbeing conversations with them.

  • Give the same development opportunities to both full-time and flexibly employed colleagues.

  • When you work with third-parties, make them aware of our standards and that we expect them to treat their people as we treat ours.

Raise a concern

Learn more

What happens if we don't follow mycode?

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Speak Up

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Staying safe, keeping well

Our vision is Zero Harm – no one harmed by the work we do.

Respecting our differences

Creating a workplace where everyone matters.

Respecting human rights and preventing modern slavery

We respect and protect everyone’s rights and dignity.

Coming to work free from substance abuse

We always come to work in a fit state to do our job.

No bullying, harassment or violence

We never bully, intimidate or act violently.

Hiring government officials and competitor employees

We never use someone else’s confidential information to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Looking after our environment and climate

We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies.