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Coming to work free from substance abuse toolbox


Our policies, procedures and other resources

Group policies are available on our website and can be viewed here.

These policies and supporting procedures form the Serco Management System (SMS). The SMS sets out for each policy area requirements by role so you can understand what is expected of you. It also provides supporting procedures and related documents. 

Access to these documents is for Serco colleagues only and you will need to log into myserco to access them. If you have problems accessing them, please request a copy from your manager.

You can access the following here:

  • Group Policy Statement

    • People

  • Function policy

    • Colleague Wellbeing

  • Procedure

    • Incident Reporting


Substance abuse involves excessive use, or a pattern of harmful use, of alcohol, drugs (illegal or legal) or other mind-altering substances.  

At work it can lead to significant impairment of your ability to do your job and can make your presence dangerous to others. It can also cause you personal harm.

"Abuse" involves using a substance in a way that is not intended or recommended, or because you are using more than prescribed. 

“Harmful use” is anything that causes significant impairment, such as failure to meet responsibilities, impaired control, risky or inappropriate behaviour and health and social issues. 

If you're a manager

  • Ensure our policies on substance abuse and its consequences are clear to everyone and they understand the company will try to help those with a problem if they will also help themselves.

  • Look out for signs that a member of your team might be having substance abuse or addiction problems.

  • Create the trust and reassurance that will ensure colleagues report someone who they’re worried about, without feeling that they are ‘betraying’ or ‘denouncing’ them.

  • Where appropriate seek guidance on and support a programme of education and awareness on alcohol, drugs, and substance misuse.

  • Implement measures, including a programme of compulsory screening, in Serco Contracts where operations involving safety critical services and/or processes are undertaken. 

  • Seek support to enable confidential counselling and support services to be offered to a colleague with an alcohol or drug dependency problem.

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Staying safe, keeping well

Our vision is Zero Harm – no one harmed by the work we do.

Respecting our differences

Creating a workplace where everyone matters.

Respecting human rights and preventing modern slavery

We respect and protect everyone’s rights and dignity.

Fair treatment

We treat each other fairly and provide equal opportunities.

No bullying, harassment or violence

We never bully, intimidate or act violently.

Hiring government officials and competitor employees

We never use someone else’s confidential information to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Looking after our environment and climate

We are committed to addressing the environmental and climate emergencies.