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Citizen Services

From contact centres and complex case management to the administration of flagship employment programmes, we are committed to delivering better government services for citizens.

Citizen Services list of benefits

Serco specialises in government partnerships. Through highly secure and regulated best practice and standards, we deliver optimisations that improve citizen happiness through enhancing the quality of government services. We drive operational and cost efficiency on key services through process improvement, innovation and transforming citizen experience.

In addition, Serco builds key partnerships with private entities across the region to deliver optimised services to users of their properties through best in class asset management services and bespoke technology solutions.

Government Services

Serco supports the national vision of regional governments through delivery of enhanced services to citizens.

Our capabilities across complex case management, employment services, business support services and nationalisation programmes are supported by a focus on innovation, resulting in improved citizen happiness through a more efficient and comprehensive suite of government services.


Muslim Woman on computer - Government Services

Employment Skills

We aim to help diversify the knowledge economy by upskilling GCC nationals, empowering women and enhancing the talent pool for the long-term prosperity of the Middle East.

The Serco English language programme has been developed to enhance English language skills in order to improve  the prospects of obtaining employment and integrating into a globalised community. 

Serco prioritises nationalisation and this has been recognised by both the UAE and Saudi Arabian Governments, who have awarded Serco Platinum status in Tawteen and Nitaqat respectively.

EDCC Contact Centre

Case Management

We ensure that a case of any kind is opened and closed with the resolution of your problem, claim, request, proposal, development or other complex activity in the most efficient and customer centric manner.

  • 350,000 patient requests a year.
  • Managing 4.5 million government employees in their retirement plans.
  • Protecting 37 million people with private-sectorpension plans.

Serco manages the routing, automated processing and reviewing of enrolment applications in addition to administration of cases across the Obamacare network.

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Transformation Programmes

Serco’s transformation programmes handle millions of records, shorten handling/cycle times, reduce errors and dramatically improve citizen satisfaction. 

  • Technology-enabled services improving work management practices,  increase accuracy, efficiency and quality 
  • Digital transformation
  • Workforce and spending optimisation 

Alongside the Saudi Arabian government, Serco is developing the national standard for operations and maintenance across the country.

Dubai city view at night

Real Estate and Infrastructure

Serco’s capability to improve the lives of citizens extends outside of government services through our provision of enhanced digital asset management and operations of key properties across the region.

We enhance our client’s capability to deliver their core services. Serco manages and operates a multitude of properties, including universities, financial institutions and retail facilities, delivering optimised services and supporting our clients’ visions.

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