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Trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities by military organisations around the world, we have deep expertise in delivering lower-cost, higher quality defence services.

Supporting armed forces to support the nation

Serco provides critical support services to defence organisations, operating both in-country and embedded within deployed forces around the world. We have deep expertise operating across all military settings, including space, marine, land, and air.

We maximise the capacity of defence organisations by delivering lower-cost, higher-quality support services to military command and personnel around the globe.

Our highly-qualified, specialist teams, who are recruited from military backgrounds, understand the unique demands of the organisations they serve so that they are able to work hand-in-hand with service personnel wherever they are needed.

Operational excellence and dependable on-time delivery mean we can guarantee military assets are always mission-ready.

Our world of experience

Serco is trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities on behalf of military organisations in the US, UK, Australia, and the Middle East - we have been operating air traffic control in Sharjah and Bahrain since 1947.

Our longstanding experience with armed forces around the world is wide from running marine operations and base management to the modernisation of ships and maintenance of aircraft, from the operation of nuclear facilities, analysis of cyber activity, and the management of satellite systems to delivering training, strategy, and leadership programmes.

Our market segments

  • Acquisition & Programme Management

  • Air Navigation Services

  • Base Support / Integrated Support to Operations

  • C6ISR / ISTAR / Information Support

  • Engineering Support Services

  • Facilities Management

  • Land & Air Equipment Design & Build

  • Marine Hardware Integration

  • Training, Resilience & Personnel Readiness

  • Ship Modernisation

  • Shore Modernisation

  • Vessel Maintenance & Repair

  • Vessel Operations

  • Whole Enterprise Transformation

  • Wider Maritime Services


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