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Trusted to deliver critical support services and operate sensitive facilities by military organisations in the UK and around the world, we have deep expertise in delivering Defence services for the MoD.

Defence Services Together

We have been delivering defence services in the UK since our first contract with RAF Fylingdales in 1964 and we currently service 70+ military contracts with the Ministry of Defence (MOD). We operate in Maritime,  Aviation, Space & Security and Nuclear & Complex Infrastructure with our customers.


We operate in four defence areas:


We work with the Royal Navy for all afloat services, providing critical support to assets, infrastructure and operations.


We provide a range of critical technical, airfield and airport support services across the UK for the armed services, OEMs and civilian airport operators around the world.

Space and Security

We operate in military satellite communication support services, air defence radar, ballistic missile early warning and space support as well as space data handling and have a strong heritage, expertise and skills in the whole space and security environment.


VIVO Defence Services Ltd (a 50:50 Joint Venture between Serco and EQUANS) delivers asset and facilities management services to the Ministry of Defence built estate, as well as repairs and maintenance work for Service Family Accommodation.